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Meet  the Staff


Hello, I'm Kay. I am the Owner of Mother Nature's Eden.
I have been studying and practicing a holistic lifestyle since the mid-nineties. I had a life full of ailments (irritable bowel syndrome, cysts, and endometriosis) that ultimately lead to breast cancer. After years of poor health, this lead me to seek natural remedies and I visited an herb shop. The technician there used a natural healing diagnostic technique, iridology, and revealed my body was experiencing poor circulation and was very toxic. Within two months the feeling of illness, low energy and being in a fog had been lifted and my body was energized like I was a teenager again. This sparked a passion in me to help others feel like I did, so they can be balanced too.  I received my N.D (Doctor of Naturopathy) Degree from Clayton College of Natural Medicines and continued my education in various courses including Muscle testing, Reiki and Energy Healing, and Electro-dermal screening where I earned a certification from both Energetic and Standard Enzyme. I opened my own herb shop, Mother Nature's Eden, to help educate individuals in my community on how to bring their bodies to balance. My goal is to now share 25+ years of knowledge with you all in hopes to help you bring balance to your body as well.

We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you in helping find the right supplements you are looking for.  Please call or visit us today.  We can ship to any location in the lower 48 States.

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