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- About The Store -

What is Mother Nature's Eden?


It's our mission to provide a nourishing environment for people to learn preventative medicine and discover a healing lifestyle. 

Mother Nature's Eden is located in the heart of downtown Calhoun in the Historic Johnston-Hall Clinic, the first hospital in Gordon County. Many of the same homeopathic remedies used in the 1930's are available in our store today.  

Kay Goldberg started Mother Nature's Eden in 1998 in an old two-story Victorian house located two blocks north of the present location. 

Kay and her staff at Mother Nature's Eden are committed to helping people help themselves.  Customers are encouraged and trained to notice signs that indicate imbalances within the body. Muscle testing and iridology are two of the natural techniques that offer clues to the state of our health. We believe that listening to one's body is a key to optimal health. Whether choosing a product or discerning the root of an imbalance, there are many tools available today to help us reach our health goals in a natural and non-invasive manner.

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